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About Me

Hi, I’m Amasa Lacy, a Lectin Free recipe developer and food blogger. Throughout the course of my life, I have had issues with food. Loving it too much, and not loving me back. But through research, time, self-awareness, and a bit of luck I’ve found a way of eating that makes me feel good and is helping some of the medical issues I suffer with. So, let’s get to the nitty gritty before I tell you more about me. I grew up in a very active family and though I tried, I seemed to always be tired and plump.

When I was 18 and went to college, I decided to stop eating wheat and my weight improved. My energy level seemed to get a bit better, as well, but I still felt lethargic. When I was 30 I discovered that healthy people poop every day. Big news to me, as I generally pooped every 3-7 days. I went to my Dr and he said that’s normal for some people. But did give me some stool softeners, which made me feel bloated and horrible. I kept trying to eliminate things from my diet, and as my grandma always advised, eat more vegetables and eat things the way god put them on this earth (meaning not packaged or processed). Which I have generally done. No wheat, lots of fresh vegetables, grass fed meat way before it became popular. Most people would look at my diet and think it was extremely (or annoyingly) healthy.

When I turned 47 I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s Phenomenon and an “undetermined autoimmune disease” based on the markers in my blood.
Then there was covid. Everyone’s symptoms seem to be different, but there are some common side effects and I got several of them. I was even more tired than usual for 6 months. I lost 60% of my hair, and I’ve had irregular heartbeats ever since.

The Raynaud’s Phenomenon has also progressed, as I get it in my feet, and it used to just be my hands. I saw a more integrative medicine Dr and he recommended the Plant Paradox book and suggested I look into the suggestions Dr Gundry makes regarding diet and health.

I started the Plant Paradox in Jan 2021 and started to feel a difference in my energy level, and amazingly for the first time in my life I poop every day. May not seem like a big deal to you, but I tried everything. High fiber, enemas, colon hydrotherapy, laxatives, probiotics, postbiotics, every kind of enzyme you can imagine, stool softeners, etc. So, for me, it’s a big win. My husband is always willing to learn new things, but he had no interest in joining me in what I was doing until he read the book, The Plant Paradox. And, if you are starting on this path, get the book. It’s on Audible and on Amazon.

My Raynaud’s Phenomenon has not gone away, but the markers in my blood for autoimmune disease are gone. I went through extensive testing with an oncologist earlier this year, but they could not find any autoimmune issues. I still feel like I should have more energy, but I exercise every day, play tennis when I can, get up by 6am and have full days.

Neither my husband or I are on a single medication, and we want to keep it that way for as long as we can. We’re both in our 50’s, and we are not opposed to Dr’s, but we’re both opposed to medicating when you can take control of your health with diet and exercise.

My goal to help people feel better by providing simple ways to follow a lectin free diet. Because all of this time I’ve been cooking, learning, getting healthier, helping my family get healthier, and really enjoying it.

Thank you for reading!

Amasa Lacy